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Why people are attracted to conspiracy theories and various conspiracy theories

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Rob Brotherton, psychologist and bestselling author of The Mindless Minds, believes that conspiracy theories, which attract many followers, fit well into existing archetypes.

They often have the properties of a story about an outsider who has a noble goal and who fights against a powerful enemy in order to free people from oppression. Another prerequisite for history is that the enemy must embody absolute evil, be a real monster, albeit in a human guise, the embodiment of the most terrible sides of the human psyche: insatiable greed, ruthlessness, selfishness.

These traits should be hypertrophied, there should be a contrast between the villain and the hero, it should be clear at first glance where is good and where is evil. And although in reality, most often monstrous acts are performed by ordinary people who believe that they are doing everything right, the myth of pure evil helps us not to think about the ambiguity and complex shades of emotions.

Through stories, we transform the chaos of the reality around us into a coherent narrative, relieve anxiety and achieve a comfortable sense of certainty.

Coherent stories are better convincing, so the typical manipulator technique is simplification, with the help of which halftones are hidden, a black and white picture of reality is demonstrated.

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