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The bioretention system keeps city nature healthy

Every city in the world needs natural environments to be liveable and healthy. Tree planting companies make the necessary contributions to realize this in any kind of city. By means of maintaining city nature in innovative ways, these companies make cities attractive to live in and provide a healthy environment for its residents and visitors. The continuous innovation which is applied by tree planting companies is important to keep the quality of city life optimal. During the process of planting trees and other plants in city areas, however, they face some difficult challenges. Because city areas do not actually match with natural environments, a lot of maintenance of city parks and their vegetation is required to plant trees and other plants in an appropriate way. Treebuilders is one of the tree planting companies that always searches for suitable and durable solutions for this.

The possibilities of the bioretention system

The technologies used by Treebuilders create a balance between maintaining city nature and protecting city infrastructure and utilities which are built underground. The specialists of this company have the right knowledge to let trees thrive and mature in environments that cannot provide the required natural sources. The application of the so-called bioretention system, developed by Treebuilders, leads to both subsurface water retention and infiltration. This makes an effective clean water management possible, which prevents the premature death of trees. When there is no solution such as the bioretention system, trees are unable to absorb enough water. That is because roots lack sufficient space to grow in their natural way.

Benefit from a tailor-made solution

Are you interested in the application of the bioretention system in a specific city area and a perfect solution that avoids a bad natural water balance? Discover what this system can achieve and contact the specialists of Treebuilders, located in Heeswijk-Dinther, the Netherlands. You can also inquire after the possibilities of other technological innovations to improve city nature, such as the so-called ‘sandwich construction’, a pressure spreading system that keeps soil from compacting and gives roots more space to grow. Whatever your goals are, you always receive a tailor-made solution from Treebuilders.