Consistent legal advice from a law network with member firms across the globe

As an international organisation you often need legal advice in all of the countries you are active in. Even though the laws can differ vastly per country, you want to run your company as consistently as possible in all of the countries you are located in. Therefore, you prefer to get your advice on legal matters from one and the same company. But where do you find a law firm that knows the laws of many different countries? LawExchange International has the solution. They are a law network with member firms all over the world.

High-quality service and advice, no matter where you are located

No matter what country you need legal advice in, the expert member firms of LawExchange International’s law network are there for you. You can always count on them for trusted, local legal counsel. Their high-quality services can be relied on, because they strive to achieve a consistent quality amongst all member firms in their law network. The coverage of the network is extensive in terms of both locations and legal expertise. The member firms that are part of the network are top legal firms from all over the world. LawExchange International can meet all your legal needs and they do so with excellent service and high quality advice.

Easily find the law firm you need

LawExchange International makes it easy for you to find the law firm that is best equipped to help you with your legal inquiry. On their website you can easily sort through the member firms that are part of their network. Simply select the region and country, and the members from the country of your preference will be shown. When you select a member firm, you see all the information you need to determine if they are able to provide you with the legal advice you need. This includes the practice areas they specialise in and the languages they speak. Besides this information, it provides you with their contact details, so you are able to contact them directly.