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Are mediums a psychological trick or real?

At the fair between a row of stalls there they were, the “sincere” mediums. The spiritually gifted are widely available. Enough TV formats use it and there are countless medium lines you can call. Such a medium gives you insight into in the past, present and future. To find out why mediums are so very popular, we decided to visit a medium ourselves.

“With whom I wanted to do a psychic medium reading” was the first question when I stood at the booth. I actually went for the first best person I saw. I decided to let everything come to me and to share as little as possible myself. But the latter also proved unnecessary. The medium provided a lot of information that all describe exactly who I am. And after her reading she also drew exactly the same tarot cards on topics we had just talked about. And yes, I was allowed to draw the cards myself. A bit scary. How can she know things about me in detail? As if she was looking right through my soul. My colleague and partner in crime was more down to earth, but decided, just like me, to go for a consultation. Again things were said that were too coincidental not to believe in them. This positivity almost beat our sobriety. I was wondering if something like a sixth sense actually exists?

I hear you thinking. Whatever. And I get it, there is always a very intense reaction to mediums. For example, the prejudice that people who do believe in mediums are naive. Or that all mediums are scam artists. Shouldn’t predictions be taken with a grain of salt? And if it is all real, why is this not scientifically substantiated since we always want proof for everything? Everything under the guise of seeing first and then believing. My advice would be to find out for yourself. Get in contact with a trusted psychic. You can always decide afterwards that it isn’t for you. But it might help you get new insight and push you in the right direction.

As with everything, we should only listen to mediums in moderation. So hanging on the phone with a medium every second might be a bit of an exaggeration. But get a little push every year – so that you can consciously pursue your goals again – why not? The medium actually “reads” the things that you yourself have known for a long time. But sometimes you only accept it when someone else tells you. And I think there is nothing wrong with that at all.