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3 ways you can use a mezzanine floor

Have you been thinking about adding mezzanine floors to your warehouse? It would be a very smart decision! Many people think about mezzanine floors as a solution to storage problems, which is fair. But, there’s far more to a mezzanine floor! In this blog, we’ll give you three examples. Get inspired!

1. Your office

Space shortage isn’t only a problem in your warehouse: it’s very likely that your office is also dealing with this. The mezzanine floor is a perfect solution. These floors are foreseen of several smart technicalities, that make it the perfect floor to create a new workspace. Many people think this is a weird idea as it might look too industrial, but this isn’t completely fair. You can design a mezzanine floor in the exact way you want it to, so it’s up to you if it fits into your office or not.

2. Start moving!

Mezzanine floors are very popular in warehouses, but did you know many gyms also like to use them? A mezzanine floor is the perfect solution for a gym to give some new devices a try. Of course, this doesn’t have to be new things: growth in general can easily be fixed by placing a mezzanine floor in an open spot in your company as well. The fact that gyms use this for sport reasons, doesn’t mean only they can do this. We heavily recommend any office or other workspace to implement this as well, as creating this kind of environment can be very useful for the wealth of your staff.

3. Solar power

Your mezzanine floor doesn’t have to be placed inside, but can also be placed on your roof. This makes it a perfect solution for solar panels. These panels can be very heavy, which means that not every roof is able to handle this. The mezzanine floors are steady built and can carry up to 3500 kg per square meter, making the perfect solution for this problem.

Nolte Mezzanine

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